Jewelry is gender-neutral, but many men feel limited by jewelry options that they feel work with a more “masculine” style of fashion.

While there are many styles that can work with all kinds of clothing, silver has been popular amongst men for the past few decades. It’s subtle and affordable enough to be accessible in thick and chunky designs. Silver jewelry for men comes in many varieties to suit plenty of styles.

But how do you style it? We have a few ideas that any man will love. Whether this is a “dress up” kind of thing, or you like to stay sleek in your day-to-day style, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more.

  1. Roll Up Your Sleeves

You can wear jewelry with any outfit, but styling it with a nice rolled sleeve is a great way to show off your silver and look classy doing it.

Rolling up your sleeves also gives you more space for jewelry and accessories. Many men’s shirts are too loose or too tight over the wrists to allow for room for bracelets or watches. Rolling the sleeves up gives you that space that you need.

It’s a vintage look that looks neat and casual at the same time. That makes it the perfect level of “fancy, but not too much” for jewelry.

  1. Stay Coordinated

If you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of fashion jewelry, this might not be the tip for you. Otherwise, read on.

It’s a great look when you have multiple pieces of jewelry (and other shiny accessories) that go together in some way. With silver, they’re going to be grouped by metal.

When the metal is coordinated across the body, it gives people visual interest. Let’s say the tips of your shoes are silver, your belt is silver, your cufflinks are silver, and your necklace is silver. Your look is cohesive from your head to your toes.

  1. Never Neglect Rings

Many men see rings are too feminine. They only wear their wedding bands (if that). It’s time to break away from that mentality.

There are rings of all kinds. If you like dainty rings with sparkling gemstones, don’t be afraid to wear them. If you want something with a bit of an “edge” (like a silver skull ring from, that’s great too.

Even strong silver bands look great with any outfit. There’s a ring to match any style.

Bonus: When you have a wedding band on one hand, it can look unbalanced if you have no other jewelry elsewhere. This gives you all the more reason to accessorize with more silver jewelry.

We Love Silver Jewelry for Men

Are you ready to try adding jewelry into your wardrobe? Silver jewelry for men is great for newcomers to the accessorizing game. It’s subtle, affordable, and adds the perfect amount of eye-catching sparkle to any outfit.

Whether you’re at the office, attending a special event, or hanging out with your friends, try adding something new today.

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